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A warming message for the British – and others!

11 Feb 2014

While watching Austrian athletes excel, as usual, in the 2014 winter games and feeling gloomy in this miserable wet winter, I would like to draw your attention back to the upcoming summer season and all Austria has to offer those seeking pure beauty and wellbeing. Whether high in the mountains or down in the lesser known “fruit bowl of Austria” lowlands of Styria, this country is a wonderful sunshine destination.
Cycling, hiking and golf have been top of the locals list of summer activities for many years and indeed many nationalities, who also enjoy these traditions, already head to Austria in late spring. So come on you Brits! We have always been great walkers and enjoy our own lakes and hills but why not go somewhere where sunshine is guaranteed - almost! As for cycling this sport is booming since our own success in the 2012 summer Olympic games and those reading this may not realise how much of Austria offers scenic rural cycling holidays with maps of specific routes to guide you. Golf – well, we have discovered sunny climates but most of these are too hot in the summer. From mountain courses with stunning views to those set around local farmland you can play championship level to fun holiday golf in Austria without Mediterranean heat.
With affordable accommodation and cuisine of very high standards and local thermal spas to ease the tension at the end of the day why not make Austria your summer destination this year?