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Caves with Healing Properties!

20 Mar 2013

 I was delighted to read the full page spread in this week’s Mail on Sunday which described a journalist’s visit to one of the most unusual of holistic treatments - radioactive radon gas in a low and therapeutic dose. I too have visited these caves and what’s more impressive is that I persuaded my husband to join me to give his specialist medical opinion. He is a Consultant Rheumatologist and it was therefore most appropriate that he should come too!
For those who didn’t see the article let me explain that these caves are a mile deep in the Radhausberg Mountain in Austria. There are 4 main areas which vary in heat intensity and patients are recommended as to which is best for their condition – all have to start with a trial visit to the coolest at 38C. It is the radon radioactive gas found naturally in the atmosphere which is claimed to be the essential ingredient for healing and, over time, medical conditions which include joint, lung and skin disease can be dramatically improved. We too had a consultation with Dr Liane Weber who is one of the onsite medics and she assured us that 1000s return several times a year for “the cure”.
The one-off experience was interesting – heading for the centre of the earth on a shuttle train is not for claustrophobics! Once there we relaxed on hot slabs in silence and with dozens of others lining the tunnelled cave walls – all most odd. We are fit healthy people so we weren’t expecting any results but as with any sauna experience once our allotted time was up we felt invigorated when we finally hit fresh air again. My husband’s professional opinion: as usual he sees no reason why patients shouldn’t try this natural and alternative treatment – accepting Dr Weber’s assurance that no adverse effects have ever been reported. He would also agree with her advice that they should book a long wellness break (ideally 3 weeks) to give a realistic chance for noticing a difference in most autoimmune conditions.
We stayed at The Grand Park Hotel and enjoyed all the “grandness” of this property. It is elegant and comfortable with gourmet cuisine and an excellent spa with indoor pool. It is perfectly positioned for all our needs – walking around the small town of Bad Hofgastein whilst on the road out to the mountains with hiking, biking and golf in summer months and skiing in the winter. The hotel offers many excellent packages including a Healing Cave programme with free transport. Booking requests may be made directly with the hotel through our online booking form.